If you have been involved in a serious car or truck accident and are unsure of your legal rights, then Joyner Law Firm is ready to help. A driver may hope that their own insurance or the at-fault party’s insurance will pay for the expenses that come as a result of these situations, but that is not always the case. Many will find themselves struggling with mounting medical bills, repair costs, lost wages, and countless other financial problems.

Who Needs an Attorney?

It can be difficult for anyone to decide if they need an attorney after an accident. There are some key situations to keep in mind when it comes to hiring an attorney after your accident. Any drivers or passengers that feel as if they are being treated unfairly by the other driver, the other driver’s insurance provider, or their own insurance provider should immediately contact Joyner Law Firm. These legal scenarios can become confusing and overwhelming in an instant, and those without adequate representation may find themselves unable to acquire fair compensation. If the vehicle has been totaled or any party has been severely injured, then it is also a good idea to contact a lawyer to begin discussing your options.

Civil Trials and Out-of-Court Settlements

Just because your accident has not escalated into a trial does not mean that an attorney won’t be needed. Insurance providers are for-profit companies, and this is why they will attempt to pay out as little as possible. They will often use tactics such as offering a lump payment as long as the driver agrees to not ask for any more money. While this may be tempting, these payments may not cover ongoing rehabilitation, medication, or the suffering that you or a loved one has gone through. Once you have contacted our firm, our team can immediately take over all communications with insurance providers and any other parties that are involved to get you a fair settlement as quickly as possible.

What Will My Settlement Cover?

The primary goal of the settlement is to cover any immediate and direct costs of the auto or truck accident. This may include towing the vehicles, ambulance rides, and emergency medical treatments. While these initial costs can be high, many drivers do not realize just how overwhelming the ongoing expenses can be. Severe auto accidents will often require countless treatments, ongoing rehabilitation, the inability to do the same job, medication, a new vehicle, and a slew of other costs. If an accident costs you over $10,000 or you have not received adequate compensation, then our team is ready to help.

The Benefits of an Attorney

An auto accident can escalate into a legal nightmare that no one should ever attempt to take on alone. This is especially true for those that have been injured and need to focus on their recovery. An experienced attorney can take over a case from the moment that they are called and help with a quick and fair settlement. This includes the countless steps that must be taken such as collecting data about the accident, filing paperwork, and handling all communications with insurance providers and legal representatives. Even if a civil trial is not required, a lawyer can speak directly with the other parties in order to provide you with much-needed financial assistance.